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EU Response to Joint Letter on North Korean Human Rights

Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG) received the response from the EU concerning the joint open letter on March 20.       Subject: Joint open letter concerning the UN Human Rights Council’s 2020 resolution on North Korea Human rights   Dear...

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HURIDOCS Partnership Building

In January 2020, TJWG Executive Director Hubert Lee and Legal Analyst Ethan Shin visited HURIDOCS’ office in Geneva, Switzerland on a partnership building trip. Access Accountability invited Friedhelm Weinberg to serve as a trainer at the workshop for practitioners on...

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Partner Visit: HRDAG and Dejusticia

In November, Global Project Manager Scott Stevens visited HRDAG’s office in San Francisco to meet Patrick Ball, Megan Price and Valentina Rozo Ángel from Dejusticia who is currently a Visiting Analyst at HRDAG. Access Accountability invited Patrick Ball to speak about...

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Media Mentions

인권단체 “인니 팔렘방 조선인 위안부 ‘100명 이상’ 추정”

전환기정의워킹그룹, ‘다중시스템추정’ 기법 활용해 분석 태평양전쟁 시기 인도네시아 팔렘방 지역에 있었던 조선인 위안부 피해자 수가 100명 이상이라는 민간 인권단체의 분석 결과가 나왔다. 서울의 인권 관련 비정부기구(NGO)인 전환기정의워킹그룹(TJWG)은 26일(이하 한국시간기준) 배포한 보도자료에서 팔렘방 지역의 일본군 위안부 명부를 분석한 결과 95%의 확률로 조선인 위안부 수가 ‘최소 124명, 최다 198명’에 달했을 것이라고 추정했다.