On January 2021, ten civil society groups unveiled FOOTPRINTS, a collaborative online database that documents and publishes information on reported cases of arbitrary detention, abduction, and enforced disappearances committed in and by North Korea. The FOOTPRINTS database provides information on the victims, perpetrators, proceedings to seek redress and relevant human rights instruments, and North Korean resources. The open, accessible, and searchable online database also provides relational and geospatial information.Access Accountability partnered with the consortium to help develop the system and promote FOOTPRINTS globally. Access Accountability plans to run a training session on central repositories for multi-organization documentation when the situation allows.FOOTPRINTS is powered by Access Accountability partner HURIDOCS’ open-source Uwazi software.


Link to the user guide (English): https://youtu.be/mD9_8JZX7hg

Link to the user guide (Korean): https://youtu.be/_LJwqoMgc5I