TJWG’s Access Accountability project organized its first post-covid, offline training program covering questionnaire design and digital security from May 23-26 in Pattani, Thailand.

The four day training was designed to support a diverse mix of Thailand-based and international human rights documenters.

Alexandra Lily Kather from the Center for Justice & Accountability conducted a hands-on training on questionnaire design and effective interview methodology.

Grant Shubin, Legal Advisor, DIGNITY, The Danish Institute against Torture, joined virtually to discuss fundamental human rights terminology and utilizing the UN system.

Darika Bamrungchok from Thai Netizen conducted an interactive session on digital security for the Thai cohort, while TJWG’s Scott Stevens, Communications Director and Global Project Manager did the same for the international group.

A big thank you to our co-organizer Cross Cultural Foundation for their warm welcome and support, and to the trainers for navigating live interpretation and virtual discussions to deliver their material.